Applying Lipstick – Tips and Information about Applying Lipstick

Image of Applying lipstickYoung girls play dress up and inevitably, one of the things they also like to try is putting on Mommy’s make up. Many moms have walked in to find their kids wandering around wearing fancy clothes several sizes too big for them. Topping off the whimsical ensemble is the attempt the child made at applying makeup, particularly applying lipstick. Unless the kid has a very steady hand, the lipstick will inevitably be a bit crooked and probably not the right shade for the kid’s complexion.

Luckily, as we and our children grow, we learn about applying lipstick and other fashion techniques. Our youth gives us time to experiment and figure out what colors look good on us and how heavy or light we like to apply our lipstick. We also get a chance to try various brands and types of lipsticks. There are times where we don’t have a lot of time to primp or use the restroom to check our lipstick so a long lasting, more permanent lipstick is called for. Sometimes we want a thinner, glossier lipstick and we don’t want it to take long to wash off. There are many lipsticks that appeal to those who wear them because they have a pleasing taste or odor.

It’s a good idea when applying lipstick to take some preliminary steps before finishing the application. Smooth, exfoliated lips make a good base to apply a lipstick. There are lip conditioning sticks and other beauty products that aid in this process. Then depending on the look you are going for, you can apply just the lipstick or a lip liner and then a lip stick. A lip liner helps provide and enhance the natural shape of your lips. Lip liner also helps lipstick last longer when it is applied. Use a mirror as much as possible to enhance your accuracy and overall symmetry in your application.

Etiquette-wise, it used to be only proper for a woman to check or reapply her lipstick by excusing herself to the restroom. She would carefully reapply her lipstick and blot her lips gently with a tissue to prevent smearing. Nowadays, it is not as much of a faux pas for a woman to take out a compact to briefly check her face powder. You will also see women in major cities applying lipstick frequently in the car at stop lights on their way to work.

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Lipstick Remover – Information about Lipstick Remover

LipstickYou’ve found the perfect lipstick. It could be for a variety of occasions. Maybe you are getting married today and you know you’ll be exchanging many happy kisses with well-wishers including your groom. Perhaps you have the biggest meeting of your life today at work. You’ve got a lot at stake, maybe your future partnership in the company and you’ve got the perfect power suit and matching lipstick to show them you can be feminine and handle the job as well as anyone. Maybe today is your first day as an actress in a major Hollywood role. Whatever the case, don’t forget you’ll need a good lipstick remover at the end of the day.

Many women don’t think much about lipstick remover. Perhaps that is because they are wearing a lipstick that generally wears off by the time they are done wearing it. Sometimes the ingredients of the lipstick are designed for easy wipe off. If you happen to apply a long lasting lipstick and then change your mind about the color, you will have better results removing the lip stain with a specific lipstick removal product. If you don’t use a proper remover, you may irritate your lips by rubbing too hard on them to try and remove all of the lipstick. And if you don’t get all of the lipstick off, the natural appearance of your lips or application of a new color may be compromised.

Having lipstick remover handy is not just for your lips. If you apply your makeup and then decide to change clothes, you may inadvertently get lipstick on your clothes. Maybe you left one of your lipsticks in your jacket pocket at lunch on the patio and it melted through the fabric. Try not to panic immediately. Don’t trust a regular washing to get the stain out. Make sure that the stain doesn’t spread further or to other clothing by cleaning it properly.

You may need to try your lipstick remover a few times on both your lips or on fabrics for stubborn stains. Be sure to always check whether the stained fabric requires dry cleaning before applying any commercial or homemade stain removal remedies. Lipstick is generally an oil-based product so that makes it an inevitable challenge to remove from clothing. You should test products made specifically to remove lipstick from your face on a small area to make sure it does not irritate your skin.

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Revlon Lipstick – Information about Revlon and Revlon Lipstick

Revlon LipstickRevlon Incorporated was created in 1932 by two brothers and a chemist. Joseph and Charles Revson and Charles Lachman, the company chemist, developed and sold nail enamel and manicure products. Thanks to an innovative nail enamel using pigments instead of dyes, Revlon became an early contender in the cosmetics industry. Thanks in part to the Roaring Twenties and influence of Flappers, cosmetics were enjoying a surge in popularity. Women had just recently gained the right to vote in 1920. One of the ways women expressed their new sense of freedom was through their dress, make up and social behavior. Revlon lipstick became available by the 1940s.

By the 1950s and 60s, Revlon was successfully marketing its various products including deodorants, perfume, shoe polish, and sportswear overseas. Revlon lipstick was still very popular with the introducing of an enticing, red lipstick called “Where’s the Fire?” The lip stain definitely got women’s attention and purchasing power. The shade of the lipstick must be carefully chosen to achieve the best look and brighten teeth, according to the company. Red lipstick continues to be a popular bold, confident lipstick choice. It was also around the 60s that Revlon is credited with a role in the women’s movement with the first perfume ad featuring a female model, Shelley Hack, in pants.

Revlon still encourages and promotes bold women through the use of Revlon lipstick. Company cosmetic experts advise women not to shy away from jolting colors like purple and blue, adding that those shades look great and help women exude confidence when worn with a complimentary wardrobe. It makes sense that certain other colors of cosmetics with either enhance or hinder such a bold look and women are advised accordingly. Revlon emphasizes lip health and comfort just as much as appearance. The company’s lipsticks offer hydrating benefits and sun protection.

Revlon lipstick products revolve primarily in three categories of lip liner, lip color, and lip gloss. Liners help color and gloss last longer and prevent smudging, bleeding and feathering of color. Lip color, delivered via tube, wand, or pen-like device, come in a variety of shaded from sheer and nude to bright and vibrantly bold colors. Glosses are increasingly long lasting and some are now made with attractive mineral components. As a company, Revlon has taken a stand against breast cancer. Revlon donates significant proceeds from its Pink Pursuit lip gloss to breast cancer research efforts in addition to Run and Walkathons held annually.

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Long Wearing Lipstick – Reasons and Tips for Applying Long Wearing Lipstick

LipstickMany women love to wear makeup, particularly lipstick. Depending on the occasion and other factors, women opt for a variety of long wearing lipsticks. Time is a major concern for many women. They just don’t have the time or the patience throughout the day to worry whether their lipstick has worn off. Sometimes business meetings last all day and there is barely time for lunch or a restroom break. A business woman who wears lipstick wants to look consistently professional and put together throughout the day. She doesn’t want her lipstick rubbing off during the catered lunch brought in. Nor does she want to miss anything important by taking too long in the restroom.

Another reason women opt for long wearing lipstick is the exposure to various weather conditions. If a woman wearing lipstick is going to be outside in the heat all day, it’s good if she can be confident that her makeup is not going to melt or smear in just a few minutes. Brides are very appreciative if their makeup stays put from the moment they put it on until the ceremony and reception are concluded. In a wedding situation, reunions, and similar gatherings, family and friends may kiss several people throughout the day. The right lipstick will withstand social events involving frequent kissing.

Actors and actresses also enjoy the benefits of long wearing lipstick. Performers generally spend long days on the set. Their performances may or may not involve a lot of kissing, but their makeup needs to look good and stay consistent. It costs a production a lot of money and time if the makeup artist has to constantly be called over to reapply lipstick. The increased use of HD photography has meant sharper close-ups on faces, so directors, actors, and others involved in film want their subjects to look consistent. Actors who may have physical performance roles also need a dependable lipstick that will not sweat off or fade quickly.

One great benefit of a long wearing lipstick is the money that it can save you over time. When you only have to apply your makeup and lipstick once a day, you can generally assume you are using less of it. You can then use the savings to buy a variety of lipstick colors you like that will last you a long time. Those who use long lasting lipstick should be certain about the color they want to wear before applying as it can take longer to remove, especially without proper makeup removal products.

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Lipstick Color – Thoughts about Lipstick Color

Lipstick colorWomen who like to wear makeup usually love to wear lipstain too. But when it comes to choosing a lipstick color, some wearers choose colors that are not complimentary to their skin tone. You may love a certain color but if wearing it detracts from your look, that wouldn’t be helpful to you. You want people to see your overall presentation and not focus on just your lips and eyes. This is one reason that some beauty experts recommend makeup users focus their main attention on either the eyes or lips.

You want to choose a lipstick color that not only compliments your skin tone and achieves the look you are going for but also last throughout the time you need it to. If you are in corporate meetings all day, you probably don’t have a lot of time to be checking your makeup during the day, and you most likely don’t want to. Another important factor in your choice is the way the color actually looks on your lips. It’s a good idea to try your new lipsticks at home before taking them to work and putting them on for the first time. The shades may be pretty but they may not be the ones that compliment you.

Parents may face an uphill battle with their teenage girls as it concerns lipstick color. Perhaps your daughter refuses to wear any shade but bright pink no matter what color outfit she is wearing. Or maybe she like the gothic look and wants to wear black lipstick. We have all experienced issues with our parents in asserting our own unique identities and reaching out tentatively to independence. Try to maintain an open dialogue with your daughter about her makeup use. Sometimes if you don’t make a big deal about it and the phase will pass. Sometimes color choice is truly an artistic and personal expression so you could try to be understanding.

There are certainly times when lipstick color can enhance or detract from your appearance at certain events, so choose wisely. A fire engine red lipstain may go great with your little black dress on Saturday night. That same color could look overdone and like you are trying too hard though, if you wear it to the grocery store early in the morning. A sheer or nude glossy color can give you a natural appearance in photos but you might also look a bit washed out from a distance. A brighter color can brighten your face and teeth in photos when properly applied.

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Best Lipstick – Exploring the Best Lipstick Options for You

Lipstick and lipsChances are your favorite lipstick is also the best one for you. You may not realize why it is the best lipstick for you, but there are some basics you can consider if you are still trying to find the perfect lipstick.  One of the first things you’ll want to think about is your skin tone. If you have a light or dark skin tone, there are certain shades that will either compliment or clash with your appearance. You can go to the beauty counter at various department stores for advice and try various shades of lipstick there for free. Be sure to use a hygienic procedure when apply samples of lipstick available to the public.

The best lipstick is not going to be just completely and reliably functional for you. It takes more than no smearing and no smudging. It can be glossy or matte too and that doesn’t mean it is the best. For a lipstick to be the best, it should achieve the look or effect that completely satisfies you and makes you feel like you are literally putting your best face forward. Whether you have never been on camera or whether you are an aspiring or successful actress, you know you are wearing the best lipstick when you look and feel your best too.

There are so many brands and shades of lipstick to choose from that it may seem a daunting task at first to find the best lipstick for you. Again, you can see advice from makeup professionals at various hair salons and department stores. You can also ask for referrals from full-services spas and image consultants. Try looking online too for videos and reference material that will explain why a particular lipstick might work for you. Various beauty commercials on television also can update you on the latest lipstick innovations. Make sure you consider the skin tone of the actress presenting a particular lipstick. It may be perfect for you or better for your friend.

Women who are vegans or very eco-friendly have more choice now when it comes to finding the best lipstick for them. Many lipsticks contain ingredients like lanolin, various dyes, other synthetic colors, parabens, petroleum, wheat, glutens, and sulfates. Luckily, there are great lipsticks with organic ingredients that come in a variety of great shades. With ingredients like vitamin E, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, coconut, soybean, Shea butter, aloe vera, and olive oil, they look great and keep lips hydrated and smooth.

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Lipstick – Information about the History of Lipstick

Red lipstickThe use of lipstick has been traced to ancient times, particularly to the women of
Egypt. In general, the rouging of lips could often be accomplished with the natural stain of a berries and beeswax or special blends of semi-precious stone grindings applied to lips. Some say that either subconsciously or consciously on the wearer’s part, lip stain is meant to heighten the sexuality and attractiveness of the wearer and signal fertility. Lipstick is usually not worn until adolescence or adulthood in many cultures, though it can be observed within the pageantry of some talent competitions featuring grade school girls.

Makeup in the Middle Ages was banned by some religions. The Victorian Era witnessed a surge in the popularity of lipstick and lily white skin. Makeup and lip stain became increasing popular in the early 1900s during the era of the Flapper. The Nineteen Amendment made United States women voting citizens. Women began to exercise their freedom in how they dressed, applied makeup, and behaved untraditionally. Whether or not makeup and lip stain was a positive attribute on women depended on who you asked and the controversy continues for some people.

Lipstick has come to be associated with a variety of particular meanings and associations over time. Glamorous movies stars, romance, and beauty are major categories where lipstick has its place. If you say a man has lipstick on his collar, whether he literally does or not, you are suggesting he is being unfaithful to a partner. The symbol of blotted lips on the back of envelopes became popular with ladies sealing their letter with a kiss. And certainly the symbol of lips and kissing continues to compliment the celebration of Valentine’s Day. Some lipsticks used to be created with dangerous or deadly elements so the phrase Kiss of Death evolved.

Today, face decoration with lipstick is popular around the world. Regular, every day people wear it to enhance their features and keep their lips hydrated. Lip stain is an important work tool for clowns who frequently exaggerate the size and shape of their lips for entertainment value. Many people living very public lives rely on lip stain to help them look fresh and youthful. Celebrities are a great example of this phenomenon. Using celebrities to promote makeup makes great sense because so many people idolize popular people who appear frequently in films or who become famous and well-known for whatever reason.

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