Applying Lipstick – Tips and Information about Applying Lipstick

Image of Applying lipstickYoung girls play dress up and inevitably, one of the things they also like to try is putting on Mommy’s make up. Many moms have walked in to find their kids wandering around wearing fancy clothes several sizes too big for them. Topping off the whimsical ensemble is the attempt the child made at applying makeup, particularly applying lipstick. Unless the kid has a very steady hand, the lipstick will inevitably be a bit crooked and probably not the right shade for the kid’s complexion.

Luckily, as we and our children grow, we learn about applying lipstick and other fashion techniques. Our youth gives us time to experiment and figure out what colors look good on us and how heavy or light we like to apply our lipstick. We also get a chance to try various brands and types of lipsticks. There are times where we don’t have a lot of time to primp or use the restroom to check our lipstick so a long lasting, more permanent lipstick is called for. Sometimes we want a thinner, glossier lipstick and we don’t want it to take long to wash off. There are many lipsticks that appeal to those who wear them because they have a pleasing taste or odor.

It’s a good idea when applying lipstick to take some preliminary steps before finishing the application. Smooth, exfoliated lips make a good base to apply a lipstick. There are lip conditioning sticks and other beauty products that aid in this process. Then depending on the look you are going for, you can apply just the lipstick or a lip liner and then a lip stick. A lip liner helps provide and enhance the natural shape of your lips. Lip liner also helps lipstick last longer when it is applied. Use a mirror as much as possible to enhance your accuracy and overall symmetry in your application.

Etiquette-wise, it used to be only proper for a woman to check or reapply her lipstick by excusing herself to the restroom. She would carefully reapply her lipstick and blot her lips gently with a tissue to prevent smearing. Nowadays, it is not as much of a faux pas for a woman to take out a compact to briefly check her face powder. You will also see women in major cities applying lipstick frequently in the car at stop lights on their way to work.

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  1. Lexie says:

    I went over this site and I cnvecioe you have a lot of superb info, saved to bookmarks (:.

    • Ahmedmasood says:

      yea i always use lilpiner, even i have one in nude color which i applied on all nude and lighter lipstick shades, well it define the lip shape and especially when i applied lipgloss i badly need it otherwise my lips looks like ….yunkiiess

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